Brendt Hayes’s 13″ Vegavox Deluxe Custom

Brendt Hayes’s 13″ Vegavox Deluxe Custom

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Custom ‘VegaVox IV Deluxe’ — 1910


Five-string Plectrum with extended fingerboard.


Factory modified in 1927


SN: 26605




Brent Hayes, AKA “Scargold,” played for two presidents, Kings, the finest vaudeville circuits in the US and even made four world concert tours. He was critically acclaimed as the world’s greatest banjo virtuoso during the 1930s and 40s.




This incredible Vega five-string plectrum was custom built for Brent in 1910. With a custom tone chamber, a 27.5” scale length, 29 frets, a head size of 13 1/8” and a Vox resonator that is 15” in diameter, it is an imposing instrument that weighs in at 18 pounds! The resonator is also a full inch deeper than the standard 3” deep VegaVox resonator.


(See comparison photo)



This banjo was purchased from the Hayes family along with a box of Brendt’s concert ephemera, promo photos, reviews, letters, magazine articles etc.